Welcome to Udigrudi books and movies!

We’re a new business emerging from the old.

When our team first tested the name Udigrudi, we were shooting videos in the halls of Aberystwyth University.  Then, we ran a colourful market stall in Aberystwyth market hall.  (The neighbours complained that it took ages to paint over our cartoon characters after we left.)  Or, you may remember buying a DVD or book from an Udigrudi username online.

Well, this is a new Udigrudi, taking the best from all those other ventures.

Welcome back Udigrudi

After years in the wilderness, Udigrudi is back.  Our big launch party is being planned as we speak.  (Well, this is writing, so maybe we’re talking to ourselves.  How underground is that.)


Udigrudi’s mission is to make stories no matter what.  Not just tell stories, but make them.

Udigrudi is the Brazilian word for “underground.”  We are not in Brazil, but our offices are literally under the ground.

Udigrudi means that we don’t listen to convention, we don’t wait for elitist approval, we don’t ask the so-called industry for permission.  We don’t see working for the big boys as a measure of success, we see it as a sign of submission.

They say “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  Well, why join them until you’ve given up trying to beat them?


Hello world!

Welcome to the Udigrudi books and movies blog.   We have a lot to say, but when we wrote this we were not ready to say it yet. Until then, have a great weekend, morning, afternoon, or whatever is happening.


Udigrudi is currently based in Aberystwyth, Wales.  That’s at the time of writing.  We also travel.

Our contact details change from time to time, so make sure this page is refreshed.

  • * for now * email * udigrudi * at * udigrudi * dot * com .