🤨 These plays are not just brief, they’re terse.🧐

First, is the title play that carries the ebook.

The moment Mr Efficient stops complaining that the news-in-brief isn’t brief enough, his daughter arrives with terrible news. Grandma Efficient is dead! 😵😧

Can they organize a funeral on time without falling behind schedule? Of course, they can! They are The Efficient family.

Can they make it to the funeral in one piece? Well, let’s just say, junior falls out of the car on the way.

Will they get a discount on a second coffin for the boy? Or will he survive? And most importantly, will the remaining Efficient’s get their work and homework done on time?

Other mini-plays included are Ted-talk style efficiency tips, a drawing and a cartoon arguing about email, the Loch Ness Holiday going on holiday, and more…

Find these at your favourite ebook retailer. Or, if your favourite is no good, try your second favourite.

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