Should life imitate art, or does art imitate life?

When Des Sousa was a hairdresser, clients wanted the same haircut as Rachel from friends. We all hear that E.T. popularised Reeces Pieces because the owners of M&Ms didn’t want their product eaten by an alien.

But a lot of trends exist despite what we hear on the radio or see on the screen. The general things that we discuss but that Hollywood doesn’t want to discuss, or the points of view that we know exist but that are not acknowledged.

When two people speak, it could be about anything. In Queluz or anywhere else, we can only grab glimpses of other people’s conversations.

Here, the blanks are filled in through a surreal play about the conversations that our grandparents never had to have.

Dialogues of Queluz, by Des Sousa, coming to an online bookstore near you.

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