Under Quiet Neath

A lot of us think about our dream jobs. A compassionate boss with a clear vision, an assistant who gets on with their work, clients who know what they want and respect you when you do your job, and stakeholders who… … if only that were the case in Neath. In Janet’s little underground web… Poursuivre la lecture Under Quiet Neath

The Slimebag Project

New play available on Smashwords and in other retailers, The Slimebag Project. Smashwords – The Slimebag Project – a book by Des Sousa Have you ever wanted to make your own feature film, but had no idea where to start? Pitcher is in the exact same situation. She even knows a Venture Capitalist with connections… Poursuivre la lecture The Slimebag Project

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Our first book is now for sale

The Dara Says screenplay and production diary has now been accepted in its first market. Check with your favorite book retailer for information about availability. (Favorite? Yes, we’re outside the UK now, so we’ll be having more international spellings.) The script is the same one we used to recruit our small team for when we… Poursuivre la lecture Our first book is now for sale

Books for sale soon

Hello peeps. Update: The « Dara Says Production Diary », The Slimebag Project, and other books are now available to purchase. Stay tuned for more. You’ll soon be able to buy our books right here. The entire selection from Ptara Ltd is moving here, plus other new Udigrudi books. Screenplays, fairy tales, perhaps even a novel or… Poursuivre la lecture Books for sale soon

Back online

So, after months of being off, we have internet again. Udigrudi was founded in 1997 in Aberystwyth, Wales. Since then, the founders have moved to mainland Europe. See our portfolio (link above) for some of our older work.